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Nearly 300 items linked to JFK, including Oswald’s wedding band, up for auction

In this iconic 1962 photo, President John F. Kennedy spends time with his children John John and Caroline in the Oval Office. Photo by Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images

Nearly 300 items related to President John F. Kennedy were put up for auction Thursday in Boston, just weeks before the 50th anniversary of his assassination, the Associated Press reports.

The collection includes a lock of the president’s hair collected by his barber in July 1963 and a gold wedding band that used to belong to Lee Harvey Oswald, along with a letter from Oswald’s widow. The letter explains that she doesn’t want the ring in her possession anymore because it brings back memories to the worst day of her life. The ring was confiscated by the U.S. Secret Service on the day of Kennedy’s assassination and was later returned.

Other items related to Oswald include a revolver, his U.S. Marine Corps knife, a raincoat, a rifle score book and a chess set.

Another important piece of item in the auction is President Kennedy’s 18-karat gold ring with the presidential seal and an engraving that reads: “J.B.K. to J.F.K.”

Ariel Min

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