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New data suggests majority of health exchange enrollees were previously insured

Preliminary data shows a majority of the 2.2 million who enrolled in the federal health care exchange were previously insured.

Health-industry reporter for the Wall Street Journal Christopher Weaver, who co-wrote a piece exploring the data, told Hari Sreenivasan that this trend raises questions about whether the Affordable Care Act is successfully reducing the number of uninsured Americans.

The administration has said it expects to lower the number of uninsured Americans by 25 million over the next ten years.

According to Weaver, estimates based on data from consultants, insurers and insurance brokers, show that between 11 and 35 percent of those enrolled in the Affordable Care Act were previously uninsured.

With the deadline for open enrollment in the federal exchange approaching in March, Weaver said people might still be waiting to sign up.

“You can sort of imagine how somebody who doesn’t desperately need insurance and maybe had been going without it for even years might not feel like they want to pay say $100 or $150 in January,” Weaver said.

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