NewsHour Shares: Who are the women in Gordon Parks’ photo from 1956?

Two women–one white, one black–sit in an Atlanta airport in 1956. The black woman wears a uniform and holds a white baby; the white woman wears a dress and holds a cigarette.

Not many more details are known about Gordon Parks’ photograph — one that captured a moment of race and class in Jim Crow’s South. Sixty years later, the women’s names, their relationship and their lives remain a mystery that the New York Times Lens blog is trying to solve.
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Do you know these women? That’s what the New York Times is asking readers in an effort to uncover the identity of the subjects in Parks’ photo.

Tonight, as part of our “NewsHour Shares” segment, we’re helping to spread the word about the newspaper’s mission. If you know anything about the photo above, send an email to

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