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NewsHour’s first female executive producer retires after 40 years in public media

On Friday night, PBS NewsHour’s executive producer Linda Winslow will produce her final NewsHour episode from the control room. With her honest, decisive and thoughtful leadership style, and unparalleled sense of humor, she will guide the program through its various highlights and battles of the night. And when the show ends, it will mark the end of an era.

Linda was one of the original producers of the 30-minute MacNeil/Lehrer Report, founded by Jim Lehrer and Robert MacNeil. She worked on Jim and Robert’s Watergate coverage in 1973, along with the network’s live coverage of the House Judiciary Committee’s Presidential Impeachment hearings, which was anchored by Jim.

On her watch, the show has won numerous awards and transitioned from the MacNeil/Lehrer Report to the MacNeil Lehrer NewsHour to the NewsHour with Jim Lehrer to the PBS NewsHour and finally, to its present iteration under co-anchors Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff.

In this video, Linda talks to Judy and Gwen about her philosophy on news, her role as a mentor, the future of journalism and the anchors’ now iconic “fist bump” from the 2012 Republican convention.

She is, according to Judy, “the heart and soul of who we are and what we do.”

“Your spirit infuses this place,” Gwen said.

We will miss her.

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