NTSB makes technology suggestions so lost planes can be found

The Malaysian government announced its plan to buy out Malaysia Airlines on Friday, in light of the recent tragedies and economic problems the company has faced.  Adrian Pingstone, May 2006WASHINGTON — U.S. accident investigators are recommending that all airliners making long flights over water be equipped with improved locator technology so they can be found in the event of a crash.

Recommendations were prompted in part by the disappearance of Malaysia flight 370 carrying 239 passengers and crew last March.

The National Transportation Safety Board says planes could broadcast their location minute by minute via satellite, or be equipped with floating emergency transmitters that can identify a crash site.

The board also is also asking that planes have cockpit video recorders and emergency locator beacons that are mounted on planes’ exterior walls so they’re less likely to become entrapped in wreckage, weakening their signals.