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Obama immigration heckler goes on ‘media blitz’

President Barack Obama was heckled while giving a speech on immigration in San Francisco in November. Ju Hong begins heckling the president at the 24-minute, 17-second mark.

The University of California-Berkeley graduate who heckled President Obama during an immigration speech last month “has gone on a media blitz,” according to POLITICO.

Ju Hong, an activist and undocumented immigrant from South Korea, stood behind Obama at his Nov. 25 speech in California.

“Mr. President, please, use your executive order to halt deportations for all 11.5 undocumented immigrants in this country right now,” he yelled. Obama ordered his Secret Service agents to let Hong stay before explaining the need for legislative action to change immigration policy.

POLITICO reports that Hong has since appeared on outlets ranging from the BBC to Bay Area news stations to Korean radio. He’s also written a column for the Huffington Post.

H/T Sam Lane

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