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On Friday’s NewsHour…

After another very busy day in the newsroom, here are details of what’s coming up on tonight’s edition of the PBS NewsHour:
Financial Regulation: The U.S. House today approved the most sweeping overhaul of financial regulation since the Great Depression. NewsHour Correspondent Kwame Holman brings us the debate and the details from the Capitol.
Executive Pay: Also today, pay limits were extended deeper into executive ranks at U.S. companies rescued by the government. Judy Woodruff will interview Kenneth Feinberg, the Special Master for Executive Compensation at the US Treasury.
Patchwork Nation: Ray Suarez’s week-long series on how the recession is affecting different communities in the United States wraps up in the Pacific Northwest. Tonight, Ray reports from Lincoln City, Oregon – a “Service Worker Center” heavily dependent on seasonal economic spending. Then, Jim Lehrer and Ray Suarez discuss the “Patchwork Nation” project.
Germany and Afghanistan: Margaret Warner will be on-air tonight with her latest dispatch from Europe – this time, looking at plunging public support in Germany for the country’s military involvement in Afghanistan.
Shields and Brooks: Our weekly analysis with syndicated columnist Mark Shields and David Brooks of the New York Times.
Web-only: At the end of the program, Hari Sreenivasan will tour the latest additions to the site, including postcards from our Patchwork Nation project: Ray tries his hand at glassblowing and Dante Chinni looks at the impact of recession on local health care systems. Hari and Health Correspondent Betty Ann Bowser sit down in the newsroom to discuss what happened on Capitol Hill as the health care reform bill slogs through the Senate, and on Art Beat, music icon David Byrne discusses biking, urban design and the future of cities. And we’ve posted a special report from our partners at GlobalPost about how residents of Switzerland feel about the coutnry’s referndum banning the construction of minarets on mosques. Plus over on Art Beat, you can find Jeffrey Brown’s conversation with musician and writer David Byrne.

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