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On Friday’s NewsHour…

The agreement reached at the Copenhagen Climate Summit is our lead story tonight, followed by an interview with Barry Scheck of the “Innocence Project” about the release of a wrongly-convicted man after 35 years, a Paul Solman conversation about the connection between human health and biodiversity, and, of course, the analysis of Mark Shields and David Brooks.

CLIMATE DEAL – The global climate talks ended with what U.S. officials called a “meaningful and historic” agreement. After a background report from Ray Suarez in Copenhagen, we get analysis from [Daniel Becker](http://www.politico.com/arena/bio/daniel_f_becker.html), director of [Safe Climate Campaign](http://www.safeclimatecampaign.org/), an advocacy group, and [Samuel Thernstrom](http://www.aei.org/scholar/77), a resident fellow at the [American Enterprise Institute](http://www.aei.org/) and former member of George W. Bush’s council on environmental quality. FOUND INNOCENT – An update on DNA testing…as James Bain, an innocent man who spent the longest time behind bars is set free. The co-founder of the [“Innocence Project”](http://www.innocenceproject.org/) describes how the group found DNA evidence proving Bain was not guilty. BIODIVERSITY AND HUMAN HEALTH – Then economics correspondent Paul Solman has a conversation with [Professor Eric Chivian ](http://chge.med.harvard.edu/about/faculty/chivian.html)author of the book “Sustaining Life: How Human Health Depends on Biodiversity.” SHIELDS AND BROOKS – And of course the analysis of syndicated columnist Mark Shields and David Brooks of the New York Times. WEB ONLY – Finally, Hari Sreenivasan gives a tour of the new features on our web site, including: >
– An [interview](http://www.pbs.org/newshour/rundown/2009/12/betty-ann-bowser-saturday-deadline-for-christmas-health-care-vote.html) with health correspondent Betty Ann Bowser about what happened on capitol hill this week
– And on Jeffrey Brown’s Art Beat blog, [insight into the making of the movie Avatar](http://www.pbs.org/newshour/art/blog). First from the author of a new biography of director, James Cameron, and also from the USC linguistic professor who developed the language spoken by the blue Na’vi extra terrestrials.

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