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On Friday’s NewsHour…

UNEMPLOYMENT NUMBERS | The latest U.S. unemployment reading dropped to 9.7 percent, but that doesn’t include many who have given up looking for work. Jeffrey Brown speaks with Robert Kuttner of The American Prospect magazine and former treasury official David Malpass to parse the good news from the bad.

HEALTH SPENDING RISES | Betty Ann Bowser reports on how health care spending grew to 17 percent of the U.S. economy last year — the largest one-year jump on record.

BUDGET DEFENSE | Paul Solman speaks with David Stockman, the former budget director for President Reagan, who offers a surprising take on big banks and taxes.

SHIELDS AND BROOKS | Columnists Mark Shields and David Brooks sort through the top stories of the week including the implications of Scott Brown being seated in the U.S. Senate.

HAITIAN POET | Michele Voltaire Marcelin offers her take on the destruction in Haiti through verse.

WEB-ONLY | Hari Sreenivasan gives a tour of features on the NewsHour’s site, including a Web-only video with an economist calling for a federal jobs program; a sampling of economists’ and small business owners’ ideas to best create jobs; Judy Woodruff’s series on climate change continues with an interview with Texas congressman Joe Barton; Jeffrey Brown has a conversation about the newly published version of Ralph Ellison’s second unfinished novel; and finally, just in time for the massive snowstorm hitting the Mid-Atlantic this weekend, Art Beat has a slide show of century-old snowflake photographs.

You’ll find all that, plus the day’s other news on tonight’s NewsHour, hosted by Jim Lehrer and Jeffrey Brown.

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