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On Monday’s NewsHour…

WEATHER HINDERS GULF CLEANUP | Rough conditions caused by weather prevented many skimmer boats from assisting with oil cleanup in the Gulf, including the testing of a new “super skimmer” vessel. Ray Suarez talks to Greg McCormack, director of the Petroleum Extension Service at the University of Texas, about continuing efforts in the Gulf cleanup.

BIDEN VISITS BAGHDAD | Vice President Joe Biden spent his 4th of July weekend in Baghdad meeting with Iraqi leaders and urging for the formation of a new government, as a post-election stalemate continues. Judy Woodruff discusses the political turmoil with Jane Arraf of the Christian Science Monitor, who is currently in Baghdad.

SUPREME COURT WRAP UP | As the high court wrapped up its term, it handed down opinions on four high-profile cases, including decisions on handgun laws. Jeffrey Brown talks to a panel of three experts: Tom Goldstein of SCOTUSblog; Neomi Rao, a George Mason University law professor and former legal adviser to the George W. Bush White House; and Paul Butler of George Washington University law school, a former federal prosecutor for the Department of Justice.

HEALTH PLANS IN SAN FRANCISCO | In October, the Supreme Court allowed the city of San Francisco to continue with its health plans for the uninsured. We take an encore look at Spencer Michel’s report from the city.

DIGITAL DIVIDE IN SOUTH AFRICA | As the Word Cup enters the semi-finals this week, several poor sections of South Africa linger in the shadow of the soccer stadiums. Fred de Sam Lazaro reports on how one man has been attempting to bridge the digital divide in one of Johannesburg’s poorest neighborhoods through the use of mobile phones.

4th OF JULY POETRY | On this observance of the July 4 holiday, we look anew at poet Gregory Djanikian of the University of Pennsylvania, as he shares some 4th of July reflections.

Monday’s anchors are Judy Woodruff and Ray Suarez. Hari Sreenivasan will have the day’s other top news stories and a look at features on the Web, including more readings from Gregory Djanikian on the NewsHour’s poetry readings page, a guide from SCOTUSblog concerning the most important Supreme Court decisions of this term, and a look at Finland’s latest decree that internet access is a basic human right for all of its citizens.

We hope you join us.

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