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On Monday’s NewsHour…

EUROPEAN TERROR ALERT | The Obama administration warned Americans to be cautious and aware of their surroundings while traveling to Europe. The U.S., along with several other countries, issued travel alerts to tourists after a suspected terror plot was uncovered by European officials. Jeffrey Brown talks to Ambassador Daniel Benjamin for more.

NOBEL PRIZE-WINNER ROBERT EDWARDS | This year’s first Nobel Prize was awarded to Robert Edwards for his work developing the in-vitro fertilization method that led to the birth of the world’s first “test-tube baby.”

CHALLENGES OF SCHOOLS WITH HOMELESS STUDENTS | Special correspondent Lee Hochberg reports from Seattle on rising homelessness for school-age children and the challenges facing public schools that accommodate them.

GUATEMALANS INFECTED BY U.S. IN 1940S | Ray Suarez speaks with historian Susan Reverby about her discovery of how U.S. scientists did secret syphilis experiments on Guatemalans decades ago.

WHAT’S AHEAD FOR SUPREME COURT TERM? | The first day of the new Supreme Court term was also the first for new Justice Elena Kagan. Women now make up a third of the high court for the first time. Jeffrey Brown talks to three law experts Paul Butler, Marcia Coyle about the high-profile cases on the docket for the coming months.

Monday’s anchors are Jeffrey Brown and Judy Woodruff. Hari Sreenivasan will have the day’s other top news stories and a look at features on the Web. On The Rundown, Marcia Coyle gives more details on the new Supreme Court term. Plus, on the Making Sen$e Page, Paul Solman answers a viewer’s question about how the U.S. could spend its way out of a recession.

Also, Dante Chinni looks at congressional districts he calls “The Shifting Middle” as part of the Patchwork Nation project.

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