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On Monday’s NewsHour…

FORECLOSURE FALLOUT | As the possibility of a nationwide moratorium on foreclosed home sales looms, the securities industry and Financial Markets Association has warned that such a moratorium would prove very harmful to the housing industry. Jeffrey Brown talks to Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray and Florida real estate lawyer and author Shari Olefson for insight.

UNDISCLOSED FUNDING IN POLITICS | With three weeks until midterm elections, spending by candidates on both sides is on the rise, and the sources of such campaign contributions can often remain undisclosed. Judy Woodruff talks with Evan Tracey, founder of the Campaign Media Analysis Group, about the depth of political spending and the affect undisclosed funding can have on elections.

EVACUATION OF TRAPPED CHILEAN MINERS SET TO BEGIN | As rescuers finished installing steel tubing to reinforce the top of the shaft that will bring 33 Chilean miners, trapped underground since Aug. 5, to the surface, the plan still is not without its dangers. Ray Suarez talks to Jonathan Miller of Independent Television News, who is at the scene in Chile.

RELIGION IN AMERICA | Paul Solman sits down with political scientist Robert Putnam to discuss his new book “American Grace,” which delves into the current role religion plays in the United States.

NOBEL PRIZE IN ECONOMICS | Americans Peter Diamond of MIT and Dale Mortensen of Northwestern University, and Christopher Pissarides, a British-Cypriot Economist, received the Nobel Prize in Economics in recognition of their research into why markets often don’t work as expected in the current economy. Jeffrey Brown talks to Catherine Rampell of the New York Times for more.

Monday’s anchors are Judy Woodruff and Jeffrey Brown. Hari Sreenivasan will have the day’s other top news stories and a look at features on the web, including this week’s Political Checklist, where Judy Woodruff and political editor David Chalian discuss the influence of outside ad spending in this year’s midterm races. Also, Ray Suarez writes on the Rundown about “God in America,” this week’s PBS series, and what it says about religion and how it connects to our shared political lives.

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