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On Thursday’s NewsHour…

Diplomatic machinations at the Climate Summit are our lead tonight, then it’s on to health care, an interview with presidential adviser David Axelrod, “black carbon” in India, the recession’s toll on Arizona schools and the drug war in Mexico.

CLIMATE SUMMIT – Heads of state have started arriving at the Copenhagen Summit on Climate Change. President Obama arrives in the Danish capital on Friday morning (we’ll have full coverage of his visit on tomorrow night’s program). Today Secretary of State Hillary Clinton used both financial and diplomatic muscle in a bid to propel the conference toward global agreement. Ray Suarez will report the latest from the summit venue.

HEALTH CARE – As the clock continues to tick, Betty Ann Bowser reports the latest moves in the Senate on health care reform. Then…..

DAVID AXELROD – ….Jim Lehrer interviews Senior Presidential Adviser David Axelrod about the prospects for health care legislation, and about the president’s presence Copenhagen.

BLACK CARBON – From India, we report the battle to combat one virulent source of pollution: the cooking stoves that create “black carbon”, one of the country’s most serious public health threats. Special Correspondent Fred de Sam Lazaro will tell us about attempts to equip some of the country’s poorest communities with “clean” cooking stoves.

ARIZONA EDUCATION – We’ve got a fascinating story tonight from John Merrow, our Special Correspondent for Education. He reports on attempts in Tucson, Arizona to improve public education, and finds that parent power, coupled with a European progressive philosophy, are making real differences there.

MEXICO DRUGS – We’ll close the program tonight with a report from Mexico about the country’s battle against drugs. It comes from our partners at Global Post, an international news website.

WEB-ONLY – At the end of the program, Hari Sreenivasan takes us on a tour of the new additions to the site including:

  • an interview with the head of the National Education Association, Dennis Van Roekel, about teacher views of the administration’s education initiatives
  • more of John Merrow’s education reporting on learningmatters.tv
  • Ray’s dispatches from Copenhagen;
  • more reports from Global Post
  • and Happy Birthday Second City! Remembrances from the last surviving member of the comedy club’s first year and a conversation with actor/director/writer Harold Ramis.

Anchors tonight: Jim Lehrer and Judy Woodruff. We hope very much that you’ll join us.

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