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On Tuesday’s NewsHour…

There were major events in Washington, Illinois and Copenhagen today. Here’s the line-up for tonight’s program:

HEALTH CARE TALKS – We’re leading with President Obama’s meeting with Senate Democrats to try to forge a compromise on a health care reform bill that can garner the 60 votes necessary to prevent a filibuster. Betty Ann Bowser begins the coverage and then Naftali Bendavid, of The Wall Street Journal and Amy Walter of the Hotline dive into the details.

GUANTANAMO DETAINEES TO ILLINOIS – Then Margaret Warner talks to Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun-Times to gauge reaction to today’s announcement that some of the terror suspects at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba will be moved to a prison 150 miles from Chicago.

CLIMATE SUMMIT – Ray Suarez reports from Copenhagen on the showdown between China and the U.S. over greenhouse gas emission targets.

HIMALAYAN ICE MELT – James Mates of Independent Television News explores the effects of climate change on the ice inside Mount Everest’s glaciers.

“TOO BIG TO FAIL” – And economic correspondent Paul Solman talks to former Secretary of State George Schultz who believes no financial institution should ever be considered “too big to fail”.

WEB ONLY – Finally, Hari Sreenivasan walks us through what’s new on the site, including his Rundown interview with Secretary of Education Arne Duncan about new ways to improve children’s financial literacy and the “Race to the Top Program’ where states compete for stimulus dollars; local media response to today’s announcement about moving some Guantanamo detainees to an Illinois prison; Paul Solman asks guest economists to predict what will be most surprising in 2010; and a Global Post reporter who was embedded with the Mexican military describes the war on drugs south of the U.S. border.

We hope you’ll join us…

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