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On Tuesday’s NewsHour…

VIOLENT PROTESTS DISRUPT FRANCE | At least 1 million people filled the streets across France again Tuesday to protest against an increase in the retirement age. ITN’s Jonathan Rugman reports from Paris, where some of the demonstrations took place, then Jim Lehrer speaks with GlobalPost correspondent Mildrade Cherfils for more.

STUDY LINKS HORMONE THERARY, BREAST CANCER | A new study shows women who use post-menopausal hormone replacement therapy are at a greater risk of getting aggressive cancers than those who don’t. Gwen Ifill gets perspectives on the risks from the lead author of the study Dr. Rowan Chlebowski and Dr. Julie Gralow of The Seattle Cancer Care Alliance.

NON-PROFITS HELPING HOMEOWNERS IN FORECLOSURE | Paul Solman reports on a Boston non-profit group that helps families and homeowners stay in their homes. This is the second in the mortgage crisis series and part of his Making Sen$e of financial news series.

RELIGIOUS CONFLICT FLARES IN CHECHNYA | Margaret Warner reports on the deadly attacks by Islamic militants in Russia’s southern republic of Chechnya.

A GLOBAL LIFE: JAMES WOLFENSOHN | Jeffrey Brown talks to former World Bank President James Wolfensohn about his memoir, “A Global Life.”

FRONTLINE EXAMINES EVIDENCE IN TEXAS EXECUTION | Frontline revisits the evidence presented in the case of a deadly Texas house fire. Cameron Todd Willingham was charged with murdering his three daughters and executed in 2004, but some say that the state executed an innocent man.

Tuesday’s anchors are Jim Lehrer and Gwen Ifill. Hari Sreenivasan has the day’s other top news stories and look at Web features. Read more on the producer of Frontline’s “Death by Fire” on the Rundown. Also, there’s a new way for you to listen to the NewsHour. Our partnership with a service called ‘Audio Now’ will allow you to listen to the NewsHour on the telephone 24 hours a day. Just call (712) 432-6610 anytime for the latest edition of the show.

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