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On Tuesday’s NewsHour…

KARZAI CONFIRMS PAYMENTS FROM IRAN | A spokesman from the Foreign Ministry confirmed that Iran has sent millions of dollars to the Afghan government over several years. Jim Lehrer talks to former Afghan Interior Minister Ali Jalali and Steve Clemons of ‘The Washington Note’.

PA, WASH SENATE RACES DOWN TO THE WIRE| With only one week to go before the midterm elections, Republicans need 10 seats to gain the Senate majority. Gwen Ifill takes a look at the close Senate races in Pennsylvania and Washington.

BREAST CANCER PREVALENT IN BOSNIA| Breast cancer has become one of the leading killers among women in Bosnia. Special Correspondent Kira Kay reports on the efforts to stop the deadly disease.

THE ENGINEERING BEHIND THE CHILEAN MINER RESCUE | Three separate drilling plans were made to save the 33 Chilean miners trapped when the San Jose Mine collapsed in August. Margaret Warner talks to one American who helped plan the rescue.

Tuesday’s anchors are Jim Lehrer and Gwen Ifill. Hari Sreenivasan has the day’s other top news stories and look at Web features. On the Politics page, Political Editor David Chalian checks in with Gwen Ifill on the stories to watch in the final campaign push. Also, find more insight on the allegations of fraud in the Afghan parliamentary election from Scott Worden of the United States Institute of Peace. On the Rundown, Kira Kay has filed a reporter’s notebook on the story about breast cancer in Bosnia.

Plus on NewsHour Extra, read how young people in Colorado and Florida feel about the negative ads and heated political battles in their states.

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