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On Tuesday’s NewsHour…

NEWSMAKER INTERVIEW: MICHELLE OBAMA – Jim Lehrer sat down at the White House earlier this afternoon to interview the first lady just moments after she officially launched her campaign against Childhood Obesity. You’ll see that interview in full on the PBS NewsHour tonight.

TOYOTA’S TRAVAILS – Toyota suffered further blows today. The Japanese automaker recalled its 2010 Prius Hybrid vehicles, and some Lexus models amid reports that insurance giant State Farm warned government regulators about a trend of problems with Toyota cars that they noticed as far back as 2007. Judy Woodruff leads our coverage of the story tonight

For the record, Toyota is a PBS NewsHour underwriter.

NUMMI – Then, a report about the fate of NUMMI – a joint assembly plant co-owned by Toyota and General Motors. It’s slated for closure, and our San Francisco Correspondent Spencer Michels examines the debate over its future.

EURO DEBT – The Greek government has unveiled an austerity package in a bid to overcome massive government debts that have raised the spectre of the country’s default. Tonight, Jeffrey Brown looks at the impact on the United States of Europe’s mounting public debts. Jeff’s guest: Nariman Behreavesh, Chief Economist for HIS Global Insight, an economic forecasting and consulting firm.

Anchors tonight: Jim Lehrer and Judy Woodruff. We hope you’ll join us.

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