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On Tuesday’s NewsHour…

TALIBAN UPDATE: As the military campaign continues in Afghanistan, the PBS NewsHour reports two angles on the story tonight. First, the latest from the battlefield, as reported by Rajiv Chandrasekaran of The Washington Post. Then, a discussion about the military operation in Marjah, and the reported detention of a senior Taliban leader on Pakistani soil. Judy Woodruff’s guests: Seth Jones of RAND, a former U.S. military advisor in Afghanistan; Thomas Johnson, a research professor at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California; and Steve Coll, President of the New America Foundation.

US POLITICS: Following the surprise retirement of Sen. Evan Bayh (D-IN), Gwen Ifill explores the rising tide of anti-Washington sentiment across the country. Her guests: Stuart Rothenberg, Editor and Publisher of the Rothenberg Political Report; and Amy Walter, Editor-in-Chief of The Hotline.

EGYPT RECYCLING: Special Correspondent Fred de Sam Lazaro reports from Cairo on innovative approaches to resolving the Egyptian government’s battle against trash.

GREEK DEBTS: Jeffrey Brown reports on the continuing-and-growing fears over public debts in Greece and several other European nations. His guests:

Scheherazade Rehman, a Professor of International Affairs at George Washington University; and Simon Johnson, former Chief Economist with the International Monetary Fund.

Judy Woodruff and Gwen Ifill anchor tonight, and Hari Sreenivasan will have the rest of the day’s main stories from our newsroom. We hope you’ll join us.

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