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On Wednesday’s NewsHour…

PRESIDENT OBAMA – Our exclusive White House interview with President Obama has just wrapped up. Jim Lehrer questioned the President about health care reform, the ongoing threat of the filibuster in the US Senate, climate change, Afghanistan and the President’s thoughts at the end of the first year in office. You can see the entire interview tonight on the PBS NewsHour program, and you can preview excerpts from the interview right now on the website.

MEXICO – Also tonight, we look at the ongoing drug war in Mexico, where there’s been both government and public outrage after several members of a soldier’s family were murdered by criminal gangs…payback for his involvement in a drugs raid. Ray Suarez reports the story tonight, then Judy Woodruff talks to David Luhnow, the Wall Street Journal’s Latin America Bureau Chief in Mexico City.

SOMALIA – Jeffrey Brown takes an inside look at the latest violence in Somalia, which is further threatening the country’s viability. He talks to John Lee Anderson of The New Yorker, who recently published a dramatic account of life in Somalia.

HANDEL – Finally, a seasonal tale by our Business and Economics Correspondent Paul Solman. He reports that George Frideric Handel wasn’t just a great composer….but also a savvy investor.

WEB-ONLY – And before it’s all over, Hari Sreenivasan will highlight the best of our website, including:

  • Patchwork Nation analysis that suggests economic conditions are improving (modestly) across the country
  • On World View page, we asked the heads of three global aid organizations to describe the worst and least covered humanitarian crises of 2009
  • And some good news from Elkhart, Indiana, where Paul Solman traveled earlier this year to report about manufacturing towns hit hard in this recession. Sales of recreation vehicles are rising, and factories are hiring again.

All that, plus the other news of the day including the latest on the Obama administration’s plans to close the detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff anchor the broadcast tonight, and we do hope you’ll join us.

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