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On Wednesday’s NewsHour…

FINANCIAL REFORM SIGNED INTO LAW | President Obama signed financial reform into law today; the first major overhaul of the financial system since the Great Depression. To get some perspective on how the new law seeks to end the risky practices behind the economic meltdown, Judy Woodruff talks to Phillip Swagel, who served as the Treasury Department’s Chief Economist under President George W. Bush, and Lynn Stout, who is a professor of Corporate and Securities Law at UCLA.

GREECE’S UNDERGROUND ECONOMY | As economic troubles continue for the country, the Greek government has said it must hold down public spending if it is going to cure the country’s financial problems. In the third part of his reporting from Greece, Paul Solman looks at the country’s vast underground economy as part of his continuing coverage of making sense of the financial news.

FALLOUT FROM USDA FIRING | The controversial firing of United States Department of Agriculture employee Sidney Sherrod over misconstrued racial comments has prompted apologies from those involved, including the Obama Administration. Jim Lehrer talks to NewsHour political editor David Chalian for more on what can be expected from these latest events.

STORM IN GULF THREATENS CAP TESTING | Testing on the containment cap may have to stop, allowing the oil flow to resume, as Retired Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen warned a storm system may move into the Gulf of Mexico this weekend. Tom Bearden reports from Grand Isle, Louisiana.

KOREAN WAR ANNIVERSARY | On today’s 60th anniversary of North Korea’s attack on the south, Jeffrey Brown talks to Warren Wiedhahn, a U.S. Marine veteran of the war, and historians Michael Beschloss and Alex Roland to examine the continuing legacy of the first big conflict of the Cold War.

Wednesday’s anchors are Jim Lehrer and Judy Woodruff. Hari Sreenivasan will have the day’s other top news stories and a look at features on the Web, including a Rundown feature where you can learn about the Tea Party Caucus, as well as a reporter’s dispatch from the International AIDS Conference in Vienna looking at Eastern Europe’s drug problem, which feeds the fastest growing HIV epidemic in the world. There is video of a conversation with reporters from PBS stations in Idaho, Oklahoma, and California comparing local housing and employment concerns.

On his Making Sen$e page, Paul Solman has an extended interview with Greece’s Prime Minister George Papandreou. Also, you can keep track of the ongoing progress in the Gulf by watching our live video feeds.

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