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On Wednesday’s NewsHour…

SENATE RACES IN COLORADO AND ILLINOIS | With the election only six days away, candidates are giving their closing arguments during final debates and in a slew of new campaign ads. Gwen Ifill explores details of the tight races in Colorado and Illinois with political watchers Floyd Ciruli and Carol Marin.

HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE ON MIDTERMS | Political historians provide background on what midterm contests mean. Jim Lehrer talks to Professor Beverly Gage of Yale University and Richard Norton Smith who is a scholar-in-residence at George Mason University.

PLIGHT OF PREGNANT WOMEN IN PAKISTAN| Special Correspondent Saima Mohsin reports from Pakistan on the dangerous health conditions for pregnant women and newborns who survived the flood.

VOTE PASSED TO RAISE RETIREMENT AGE IN FRANCE| Despite the tireless protests from unions, activists and critics, the French Parliament voted in favor of pension reforms and to raise the retirement age from 60 to 62. Mildrade Cherfils of the Global Post gives details on what’s to come.

NEW POET LAUREATE, W.S. MERWIN | Jeffrey Brown has a conversation with W.S. Merwin who was appointed as the 17th Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry by The Library of Congress.

Wednesday’s anchors are Jim Lehrer and Gwen Ifill. Hari Sreenivasan has the day’s other top news stories and look at Web features. W.S. Merwin reads from his work on our poetry series page. Our political team compares this year’s elections to the 1994 GOP midterms takeover in a special video feature. Also on NewsHour Extra, read how young people in Colorado and Florida fell about negative campaign ads.

Plus, a consumer lawyer responded to your questions about the foreclosure crisis on the Making Sense Page.

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