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On Wednesday’s NewsHour…

TERROR TRIALS– The Obama administration stepped up its defense today of how it’s handling terror cases. After an update on the case of a Nigerian man accused of attempting to bomb an American airliner Christmas Day, we get perspective from Michael Mukasey, who was U.S. Attorney General during the Bush administration, and Eugene Fidell, president of the National Institute of Military Justice, and a senior research scholar at Yale Law School.

PAKISTAN BOMBING – Then the latest on the bomb in northwest Pakistan that killed 3 American soldiers and an interview with Saima Mohsin, a senior anchor for Dawn TV a 24-hour English language news channel in Pakistan.

HAITI UPDATE – As officials try to straighten out whether American missionaries were given permission to take children out of the country, Ray Suarez reports on the enormous challenges ahead to find shelter and food for earthquake victims.

OBAMA JOBS PROPOSAL – In a meeting with Senate Democrats today, President Obama again defended his proposal to use $ 30 billion from money re-paid to the Troubled Asset Relief Fund program to help community banks increase lending in a bid to create jobs. We get two takes on the president’s jobs proposals: Bill Rys of the National Federation of Independent Small Businesses, and John Arensmeyer of the Small Business Majority.

THEATER THERAPY FOR VETERANS – Finally, Jeffrey Brown reports on how ancient Greek drama is helping to fight post-traumatic stress in today’s military.

WEB-ONLY – And at the end of the program, Hari Sreenivasan gives a tour of new and related features on the site, including: our Patchwork Nation analysis of the impact of Toyota’s recall; a new study on how teenagers use social media from the Pew Research Center; more of Ray’s interview with the Haitian Minister of Tourism; and extended interviews from Jeff’s story on the “Theater of War.”

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