One answer to holiday travel stress? Airport dogs

More than 38 million people are projected to travel this holiday season, and they could soon find themselves with a new adorable way to de-stress.

More than 200 dogs will join frazzled travelers in airports this Monday through Wednesday with the United Paws program, a venture by United Airlines. From Monday to Wednesday, the program is sending dogs to United hubs including Los Angeles, Cleveland, Denver, Newark, Washington, Houston and Chicago, where United Airlines is based.

Handlers will lead the dogs through the terminals and will allow travelers to pet and nuzzle them.

Spending time with dogs can help reduce stress hormones and temporarily lower blood pressure, as well as produce increased levels of oxytocin and dopamine, which are linked to positive feelings.

The program began last year by providing dogs in several airports. Los Angeles Airport, which will receive 13 United Paws pups, offers a similar service throughout the year called “Pets Unstressing Passengers,” or “PUP.”