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One in four Americans backs efforts to make Obama’s health care law fail

Chart by Pew Research Center.

One in four Americans support efforts to repeal President Obama’s signature health care law, according to a poll released Monday by the Pew Research Center and USA TODAY.

According to a Pew release, “public views of the 2010 health care law are as negative as ever, and many are unaware of the elements of the law that will be going into place.”
Fifty-three percent of respondents in the Sept. 4-8 poll said they disapproved of the Affordable Care Act, while only 42 percent approved. In April 2010, those figures sat at 44 and 40 percent, respectively.

The poll also found that 63 percent of Americans have yet to see much of an impact from the law on themselves and their families. More than 40 percent of Americans feel the effect of the law will be negative.

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