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Military investigators have found a document in which Army officials instructed U.S. warplanes to fire on groups of South Korean refugees fleeing toward American lines during the Korean War's early days, CBS News reported.

Although a recent study showed Internet employment is on the rise, several cash-strapped media sites on the Web are slashing jobs.

A Minnesota television reporter admitted he got "caught in the rush of getting the story" when he allegedly stole a tape of an illegal dogfight and used it in an on-air expose.

Apr 28

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Justice’s Recommendation

Assistant Attorney General Joel Klein discussed the government's recommendation to break up Microsoft in a press conference this afternoon. The following is text of his comments.

Apr 28

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Microsoft’s Reaction

Following the government's announcement, several Microsoft officials made statements critical of the Justice Department's action and defending their company.

Mar 16

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The Business of E-Books

This week, horror writer Stephen King became the first best-selling author to publish a work exclusively in electronic format. First-day sales of "Riding the Bullet" surpassed first-day sales of all King's best-selling books on paper.