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PBS Digital Studios launches ‘Everything But the News’

What would Jim Lehrer do?

That’s Steve Goldbloom’s mantra in PBS Digital Studios’ latest creation, “Everything But the News” — the show that gives you a real (or is it fake? No, it’s real. But wait, is it really?) behind-the-scenes look at the making of a PBS NewsHour segment.

Episode one follows “cub reporter” and NewsHour alum Goldbloom as he makes his way through the throng of screaming fans at VidCon in Anaheim, Calif. There, he talks with the likes of YouTube stars Phil DeFranco (known best to the Internet world as Philly D) and uncovers one of NewsHour’s biggest downfalls: We talk. Too slow. For the Internet.

It’s an outrage, really. The time we take for analysis and in-depth reports means we can’t match the supersonic speeds of YouTube superstars. Luckily, Goldbloom thinks he’s found a solution.

“Everything But the News” airs on Wednesdays. No need to check your local listings since the show’s on YouTube, for viewers like you.

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