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Kick off your holiday party with a game of Thanksgiving Football BINGO

This Thanksgiving, we take a cue from our friend, the incomparable Mark Shields, who gives prescient advice for diffusing heated political discussions with your distant relatives. “It’s a time to become a football fan,” he tells us. “As long as there’s a football game, it gives us something to talk about that lowers the temperature in the room.”

And so from the website that brought you the Shields and Brooks guide to holiday civility and the 100-mile Thanksgiving challenge, comes the perfect game to bring to your turkey day dinner party — Thanksgiving Football BINGO, of course! You may remember our Super Bowl BINGO board from earlier this year. Well, we updated it for Thanksgiving and created custom squares to reflect Thursday’s three games: Lions vs. Packers, Cowboys vs. Raiders and Ravens vs. Steelers.

Here’s how it works: open one of NewsHour’s handy BINGO cards and print. You can generate as many unique cards as you need. Print and distribute to your guests. (You can also play digitally on your computer or tablet.) Then sit back and enjoy some football while marking down all the categories as you see them occur on television. Get five in a row, and you got yourself a BINGO. The beauty is you don’t have to know much about football to participate.

So eat up. Enjoy your family. And enjoy some Thanksgiving football BINGO! Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

BINGO board designed by NewsHour developer Frank Bi.

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