Police say they can’t confirm gang rape at University of Virginia

Police on Monday said that an investigation was unable to confirm that a gang rape, as described in a November 2014 Rolling Stone article, occurred during a fraternity party at the University of Virginia.

“All I can tell you is that there is no substantive basis to conclude that what was reported in that article happened,” Charlottesville, Virginia Police Chief Timothy Longo said at a news conference earlier today.

The article detailed the story of a woman identified as “Jackie,” who alleged that she was gang raped by seven men while attending a party at the Phi Kappa Psi house in September 2012.

Shortly after the article was published, several news outlets questioned the reporting and validity of those events. Jackie refused to cooperate with police, who launched an investigation that involved speaking to nearly 70 individuals, revealing numerous discrepancies between what the article described and what authorities found.

Rolling Stone has since apologized for the article and commissioned Columbia University for a review of its story, due out soon.

However, Longo said that though police couldn’t find any evidence of the rape, it “doesn’t mean that something terrible didn’t happen to Jackie.” Longo added that the case would remain suspended, not closed, allowing the possibility for additional information to be revealed.

“I can’t prove that something didn’t happen and there may come a point in time in which this survivor, or this complaining party or someone else, may come forward with some information that might help us move this investigation further,” Longo said.