Politico Editor: Obama Faces Tough Decision Before McChrystal Shows Up

Politico’s White House editor Craig Gordon stopped by The Rundown again Tuesday afternoon to discuss the tricky political situation for the White House caused by a revealing Rolling Stone article on Gen. Stanley McChrystal — the top American commander in Afghanistan.

With McChrystal en route to the White House to explain his controversial comments about his colleagues, Gordon said the president faces a crucial decision in the next 24 hours over whether to keep the general running the Afghan war or find someone else.

Updated 5:46 p.m. ET | At the end of a Cabinet meeting Tuesday afternoon, President Obama spoke about the controversy for the first time and was asked if he had fired McChrystal. He said that he and Defense Secretary Robert Gates would meet with the general before the president decides anything.

Mr. Obama did say McChrystal showed “poor judgment” in the article in which he and his aides derided the president and other administration officials.