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Oral History Captures Ted Kennedy’s Life, Legacy

“What we’re trying to do is capture the candid recollection of and reflection of Senator Kennedy on his life, his work, his observations as an actor and a witness to history during the years that he has been in public life,” said professor James Sterling Young, who is project director of the Edward M. Kennedy Oral History Project. He spoke with the Online NewsHour on Thursday.

Young discussed what he has learned about Kennedy over the course of the project:

The project launched Dec. 6, 2004 in Washington, D.C., and was planned to last six years. It will provide a picture of Kennedy’s life through transcripts and audio recordings of him and people close to him in his life. Transcripts will be released to the public and archived at the Miller Center’s Scripps Library.

Kennedy graduated from the University of Virginia’s law school in 1959. Three years later, he ran for and won the Senate seat that his brother, John F. Kennedy, vacated upon his election as president.

Transcripts approved for release will be made available to scholars and the public when the project is completed in late 2010. They will be archived at the repository of Kennedy’s papers and at the Miller Center.