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This popular American game show is about to turn 50

o-JEOPARDY-GIFS-570If you’re struggling to accept the fact that many of your favorite childhood films are more than 20 years old, try this: Jeopardy! is turning 50 this weekend. Yes, fifty.

The American quiz show first launched its daytime version on March 30, 1964. Over the years it has become a cultural icon. The answer-and-question quiz format ran for 11 years on NBC, was briefly rebooted and then debuted in 1984 as the current syndicated show hosted by Alex Trebek.

The show’s popularity grew in the 1980s to the point that it spawned special versions especially for celebrities, kids and college students. Often parodied, the blue wall-buzzer quiz format has been fodder for Saturday Night Live, The Golden Girls, the Simpsons and others.

Recently, contestant Arthur Chu’s eleven-game streak using a controversial and unusual strategy has upset longtime Jeopardy! fans.

Ken Jennings, famously set the record for the longest winning streak on the show after 74 games. And of course, a final Jeopardy! question late last year taught us how to pronounce the ‘GIF’ image format the way its creator intended.

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