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Quiz: How well do you know this winter’s weather?

The latest bout of winter’s fury is causing canceled flights, icy roads and mounds of fresh snow in need of shoveling as it rolls into the South and East after pummeling Texas to Tennessee with heavy sleet.

Are you a stranded traveler? Have a snow day? Looking for an excuse to not head out to dig your car out of the snow just yet? Stuck at work wishing you did have a snow day? Take our U.S. Winter Weather ’14 quiz to prove your cold climate trivia chops from some of the unique events this season.

With a forecast of 10 inches of snow for the nation’s capital Monday, the federal government was closed and bus service was stopped. Philadelphia could face six inches of snow and some in New Jersey could see nearly a foot by nightfall. More than 4,500 flights have been cancelled, and Virginia’s governor declared a state of emergency and cancelled school in many of the state’s districts.

According to Accuweather, the height of the storm could produce two inches of snow an hour. The heaviest snowfall will be focused over the mid-Atlantic, including West Virginia, Virginia, Delaware, Maryland and New Jersey.

Here are some city’s ranks in the “snowiest winter” category:

Detroit: No. 1 “snowiest” winter on record for the city
Columbus: No. 1
Philadelphia: No. 2
Chicago: No. 2
New York City: No. 4
Boston: No. 9
D.C.: No. 17

Note: Snow data compiled by NOAA and based on primary airport reporting stations, dating back to the 1940s.

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