Registered nurse Stephen Van Dyke treats a patient while on a home health care visit on March 23, 2012 in Arvada, Colorado...

Quiz: How much do you really know about long-term care?

As the population of baby boomers retires, long-term care of seniors will become a topic of national concern. But what is long-term care? Dr. Bruce Chernof, president and CEO of the SCAN Foundation, which focuses on senior issues, answers this question.

Long-term care in many people’s minds is a nursing home. In 2013, that’s just not the case anymore. For the vast majority of folks, what this means is long-term services and supports that can be delivered in the home or in a community setting. Most people don’t understand that 70 percent of us — when we’re over the age of 65 — will need some form of long-term services and support. That could be a nursing home, but more than likely it will be in the community. And on average, we’ll need that for three years. So all of us should be planning for this.

Many of the facts surrounding long-term care are surprising. Take our quiz to see what you really know about long-term care.

The SCAN Foundation is an underwriter of the PBS NewsHour.