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#S17: Occupy Wall Street celebrates 2nd anniversary

Occupy Wall Street protesters are celebrating the movement’s second anniversary today with demonstrations in New York and elsewhere.


According to the movement’s website, today’s events include a “Solidarity Action for Fast Food Workers,” a “Global Solidarity March against the Trans Pacific Partnership,” and a rally at Washington Square Park. A post on the website broadly explains the target of Tuesday’s protests as capitalism:

“On September 17, 2013, the second anniversary of the beginning of the Occupy Movement, tens of thousands will come together across the country and the world to honor the most important and influential social movement in generations. As we exchange stories about the past and ideas for the future, we will be opposing a number of the 1%’s toxic attempts to siphon even more of our money and power away from us. The Trans Pacific Partnership “free trade” agreement, the undue influence of money in politics, and the lack of accountability in the global financial sector will be just a few of our targets. But, as we attack these symptoms it is necessary that we remember the disease: capitalism.”

(Occupy Wall Street website)

Follow Occupy Wall Street’s live coverage of its celebration here.

H/T Sam Lane

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