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San Francisco makes Batkid’s wish come true

Thousands of people in San Francisco and across the Internet rallied around Batkid on Friday as he sprang through the streets of a San Francisco turned Gotham City.

San Francisco Chronicle printed a special edition in honor of Bat Kid.

Batkid is five-year-old Miles Scott of northern California. For the past three years, Miles has suffered from leukemia. Now in remission, his greatest wish is to be Batman — and the Make-a-Wish Foundation promised to make that dream come true.

It seems that all of San Francisco played their part in turning the city into Batkid’s Gotham City. Thousands of volunteers turned out for the all day event and the San Francisco Chronicle even released a special print edition, Gotham City Chronicle, in honor of the pint-sized superhero with articles written by none other than Clark Kent and Lois Lane.

Sports teams, local businesses, police departments and even The White House chimed in with their support for Batkid.

Throughout the day, Batkid was driven around the city in a Batmobile. He jumped into action to save a damsel in distress, prevent the Riddler from robbing a bank and retrieve a kidnapped San Francisco Giants’ Lou Seal the seal mascot from the villainous Penguin. And to make the capture official, the Justice Department issued a formal indictment against the Riddler and the Penguin.

Mostly, “Batkid” Miles inspired us to believe in superheroes. If only for the day.

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