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Shields and Brooks on What Obama, Democrats Can Tout in 2010 Campaigns

Columnists Mark Shields and David Brooks stopped by The Rundown again for “just one more thing” to discuss what message President Obama and the Democrats might be able to use to persuade voters in this fall’s elections.

Will voters care that they’ve been able to enact some major pieces of legislation in the past 18 months (health care reform, financial reform, economic stimulus) if there are still concerns about the pace of economic recovery?

Shields said the president’s record has been “significant” and “historic.” Brooks said he and the Democrats are getting a lot done — but it’s not clear that it will resonate with voters.

In a moment of disagreement, Shields and Brooks also ponder whether Wednesday was the greatest, one of the greatest or simply just a good day in U.S. sports history with the U.S. Men’s World Cup team clinching a stunning last-minute victory and the marathon Wimbledon match eventually won by American John Isner.

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