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Shutdown on Capitol Hill: No gym or shoe shine, bathrooms will go uncleaned

Photo By Bill Clark/ CQ Roll Call.

Monday evening President Obama outlined the national effects of a partial government shutdown that could happen after midnight if there is no budget agreement in place. But what will happen in political Washington on Tuesday? The NewsHour has been getting reports and emails from plugged-in sources. Here’s a roundup from Politics Desk Assistant Bridget Bowman and Reporter-Producer Katelyn Polantz:

Tourists will not only be turned away from national parks and monuments, but also from the Capitol Building. According to a notice sent to Capitol Hill staff, guide and staff-led tours will be canceled. However, the Capitol Building and the House and Senate Office Buildings will be open to Members, staff and “visitors on official business.”
While the Congressional buildings will be open, a number of services will be discontinued or limited, including trash and recycling collection, responses to plumbing and electrical problems, and daily cleaning of restrooms. The Members’ dining room, gym, shoe shine stand and barber shops will be closed, along with the gift shop. The Congressional Post Office will remain open. If staffers are looking for a sandwich, they’ll have one option in the Longworth Cafeteria, and for limited hours.

Across the street from the Capitol, the Supreme Court will continue to operate through Friday. However, it is unclear whether the Court will continue its normal operations if the shutdown persists past Oct. 4. This uncertainty precedes an important week for the Supreme Court, with its term officially beginning on Monday. The Court is set to hear one of the one of the most anticipated cases of the term Oct. 8, a case that grapples with campaign finance and the limits that individuals can donate to candidates. Some court-watchers describe the case as Citizens United, Part 2.

The Supreme Court posted this statement on its website:

In the event of a lapse of appropriations, the Court will continue to conduct its normal operations through October 4. The Court building will be open to the public during its usual hours. Further notice will be provided in the event a lapse of appropriations continues beyond October 4.

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