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St. Louis demonstrators say they’re marching for all victims of police shootings

Sunday night, protesters marched peacefully through several neighborhoods across St. Louis, as the national guard and police stood on standby. The demonstrators were anticipating a decision from the grand jury in the shooting of teenager Michael Brown by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson. But, on Sunday, no decision came.

PBS NewsHour Weekend’s Stephen Fee spoke to city Alderman Antonio French, who has observed and marched in protests since Brown’s shooting. “I’m expecting large crowds of people in the streets…some may engage in civil disobedience.” French feels confident the majority of protesters will be peaceful but

But those who are marching aren’t only there to speak out about Michael Brown. Many say they’re marching for all victims of police shootings. “There are far too many names that have become hashtags,” said Ashley Yates, of Millennial Activists United. “There are far too many names that we have to learn after they are lost.”

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