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Suspect in Dallas PD shooting confirmed dead by police

The man who reportedly shot at a Dallas, Texas, police headquarters from inside an armored van on Saturday has been confirmed dead after being shot by a police sniper early this morning.

The shooter reportedly opened fire outside the police department’s downtown Dallas location after midnight, rammed his car into several police vehicles and was eventually chased by police to the parking lot of a restaurant in a nearby suburb, the Associated Press reported.

Police also found bags in different locations around the police department. Officials deployed robots to assess the suspected explosives and at least one of the bags detonated, Dallas PD said.

No officers or bystanders were wounded in the shooting, but Dallas police posted pictures of the damage to their headquarters on Twitter.

“There are bullet holes in the front lobby where our staff was sitting,” Dallas Police Chief David Brown told reporters Saturday morning.

The suspect had reportedly told police earlier that his van contained explosives.

Brown told reporters that the shooter blamed police for losing custody of his son, and for alleging the suspect to be a terrorist.

Brown said that the name the suspect used to identify himself was linked to instances of domestic violence that Dallas police had investigated in the past.

“All we know is there was previous contact with police related to three different family violence cases,” Brown said.

It was initially unclear to police how many shooters were inside the van, but Brown told reporters that he now believes the suspect had acted alone.

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