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Ta-Nehisi Coates deemed a ‘genius,’ trolls the Internet

The Atlantic’s Ta-Nehisi Coates joined the latest class of John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Fellows, also known as “geniuses.” Coates, along with the 23 other fellows, will receive $625,000 over the next five years. Despite the achievement, the journalist hasn’t let the genius label go to his head.

In an interview with The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg, Coates swatted at the the idea that he was anything but ordinary.

Goldberg: Is winning this prize going to make you unbearable, or merely insufferable?

Coates: Unbearably insufferable. And I now have an excuse—I am a genius, after all. Thus my insufferableness is a blessing. You should be happy I’m even communicating with you.

He also took time to respond to troll Twitter users’ well-wishes.


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