Thanks for the memories, Ted Cruz’s non-filibuster filibuster

After 21 hours, Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz ended his non-filibuster filibuster on the Senate floor. Contrary to some people’s belief, Ted Cruz was not filibustering, but merely taking a symbolic stand against Obamacare.

Meaning? His actions will have absolutely no affect on the outcome of the bill.

That being said, people did pay plenty of attention to Cruz’s marathon speech. As of this posting, the senator’s #MakeDCListen racked in more than 534,000 mentions on Twitter and “Ted Cruz” was tweeted more than 192,000 times in the course of one day, according to Topsy results. And although Harry Reid immediately tweeted that Cruz’s speech was “a total waste,” after it ended, it wasn’t all for not. Some gems did emerge during Cruz’s ‘fauxbuster’ including his rendition of “Green Eggs and Ham,”

his use of the word “ain’t,”

and his uncanny imitation of Darth Vader,

H/T Colleen Shalby