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The days of getting gas for less than $3 a gallon are over

Flickr user Rusty Clark

Photo by Flickr user Rusty Clark.

Remember the last time you saw a price less than $3 on a gas station sign? AAA reported that today is the 1,000th consecutive day of the national average of gas prices being above $3 a gallon, the longest such stretch on record. The days of anything below that number are automotive history, says the organization.

Duluth, Minn., radio station KDAL-FM reported that Bob Darbelnet, president of the American Automobile Association, expects the national average to remain over $3 a gallon in the future, barring any economic recession.

Retail gasoline prices first rose above $3 a gallon after Hurricane Katrina struck in September 2005. Prices lowered once more until the current streak began on December 23, 2010. Americans on average are paying less for gas than last year, said AAA.

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