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The Struggle Over Rules of Engagement in Afghanistan

On Wednesday’s NewsHour, our lead story will look at the escalating war in Afghanistan and a recent spike in U.S. causalities. The death toll for July stands at 33 so far, on track to top last month’s record of 60.

This all comes amid a change in command for U.S. forces in Afghanistan with the ouster of Gen. Stanley McChrystal and the arrival of Gen David Petraeus as the new man in charge.

With violence peaking, the “rules of engagement” for NATO forces have become a particular point of debate. McChrystal had instituted tight new rules, in an effort to lessen civilian causalities. But some troops said they found themselves with fewer options to respond in times of danger.

Our colleagues over at GlobalPost have reported from the field on the struggles over the military’s rules of engagement. Watch their report here and more on Wednesday’s NewsHour.

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