Airports Closed Across Nation

Authorities went on alert from coast to coast Tuesday, halting all air traffic after attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

Canada’s Transport Ministry also shut down all airports but will allow planes diverted from the United States to land in Canada, as well as any landings required for humanitarian purposes.

Earlier, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration said it was diverting U.S.-bound transatlantic flights to Canada.

Four planes were involved in today’s attacks. Officials believe all were hijacked. Two of them hit the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers.

One was American Airlines Flight Eleven, which was headed for Los Angeles after taking off from Boston with 92 passengers. The other is believed to have been United Flight 175, a Boeing 767 also bound from Boston to Los Angeles with 65 people on board.

Law enforcement officials say the plane that crashed into the Pentagon this morning was an American Airlines jetliner that was en route from Dulles International Airport to Los Angeles.

The fourth hijacked plane never made it to its intended target, which one lawmaker says was Camp David, the presidential retreat in the Maryland mountains. It was United Airlines Flight 93, en route from Newark Airport to San Francisco.

The 757 crashed in western Pennsylvania, about 80 miles southeast of Pittsburgh. There were 45 people aboard.

A total of 266 people were reported on board the four planes.

Details on the planes that crashed Tuesday:

American Airlines Flight 11: Boeing 767 en route from Boston to Los Angeles. 
92 passengers
Crashed into a tower of New York’s World Trade Center about 8:45 a.m. EDT.

United Airlines Flight 175:Boeing 767 bound from Boston to Los Angeles.
65 passengers
rashed into the other tower of the World Trade Center shortly after 9 a.m.

American Airlines Flight 77: Boeing 757 en route from Dulles Airport near Washington to Los Angeles. 
64 passengers
Crashed into the Pentagon about 9:40 a.m.

United Airlines Flight 93:Boeing 757 en route from Newark, N.J., to San Francisco
45 passengers
Crashed southeast of Pittsburgh around 10 a.m.