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Tuesday’s Art Notes

Part of an installation at the Copenhagen climate summit; Photo by Adrian Dennis/AFP/Getty Images

—A model globe in the shape of a piggy bank is part of an art installation entitled “Cool Globes” at the 12-day Copenhagen climate summit, which opened yesterday. (Photo by Adrian Dennis/AFP/Getty Images)


Richard Wright has won Britain’s Turner Prize for a meticulous, abstract, large-scale wall painting he created using traditional fresco techniques and gold leaf.


As the U.N. meets in Copenhagen to discuss global warming, a three-story installation called ‘The CO2 Cube’ (designed by Los Angeles architect Christophe Cornubet) was unveiled Monday. Cornubet’s concept was to create a structure that would hold one metric ton of carbon dioxide — the amount of CO2 the average person living in an industrialized nation produces in a single month.


David Thomson diagnoses the death of method acting in American cinema. Last year Jeff Brown talked to Thomson about his book “Have You Seen…?”

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