Twitter chat: GloZell Green and Hank Green on interviewing Obama and the power of new media

In an essay published on Medium over the weekend, YouTube creator Hank Green says that “the news is losing an entire generation.”

Along with fellow YouTube creators GloZell Green and Bethany Mota, Hank Green was chosen to interview President Obama following last week’s State of the Union address. The interviews were set up by Google and the White House in an effort to communicate the ideas outlined in the President’s address to a wider audience.

In his essay, Green argues that young people are disengaged because “no one is connecting to them in the ways they connect with each other or talking about issues that matter to them from perspectives they can identify with.” He believes he and his fellow YouTube creators are uniquely suited to communicate with this portion of the electorate, as they have earned the trust of their audiences in a way traditional media has not.

Is Green right? With the advent of new media, journalists have the opportunity to communicate ever more directly with their audiences. Is traditional media taking adequate advantage of this opportunity? Can they take advantage of it without violating journalistic integrity?

We asked you to tell us your opinion on Twitter. YouTube creators Hank Green (@hankgreen) and GloZell Green (@GloZell) joined the conversation to discuss their experiences interviewing the President, and what they feel their interviews accomplished. Read a transcript of the chat below.

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