Twitter chat: How do we fix foster care?

The deck is often stacked against children growing up in foster care — at home, in school and after they exit the system.

But the PBS NewsHour talked to people on the front lines of foster care and as well as those who are untangling national policy problems to change both outcomes and expectations for some of the nation’s most vulnerable youth.

What are some of the biggest challenges facing children in foster care?

What are the most common issues in the foster care system, and how can they be addressed?

What tools hold the most promise to fix foster care?

On Wednesday, we were joined by David Sanders of one of the nation’s largest foster care organizations, Casey Family Programs (@CaseyPrograms), Marc Cherna from Allegheny County Department of Human Services (@ACDHS), James Turner, a former foster youth and current college student who wants to change the system that raised him (@JamTur1996), NewsHour coordinating producer April Brown (@AprilPBrown), NewsHour data producer Laura Santhanam (@LauraSanthanam) and @NewsHour to discuss issues that face children, families and child welfare systems and what can be done to fix foster care.

Read a recap of the chat below: