U.S. population to top 320 million at start of 2015, Census reports

The U.S. population is expected to reach 320.09 million on Jan. 1, 2015, a 0.73 percent increase from the previous year, the U.S. Census Bureau said in a statement Monday.

The Census Bureau projected the country’s population to be 320,090,857 at the start of the new year, adding that this calculation represented a 11.35 million person increase, or 3.67 percent, from the last population estimate in April 2010.

“In January 2015, the U.S. is expected to experience a birth every eight seconds and one death every 12 seconds,” the statement said. “Meanwhile, net international migration is expected to add one person to the U.S. population every 33 seconds.”

All those factors meant a net gain of one person every 16 seconds to the U.S. population, the Census Bureau said.

Last week, the Census Bureau reported that Florida surpassed New York as the third most populous state in the U.S. Florida’s population reached 19.9 million people, 147,000 residents more than New York. The Sunshine State trails California, the country’s most populous U.S. state, followed by Texas.

As for the world population, the Census Bureau projected it to be around 7.21 billion people, up 1.08 percent from 2014. Its estimates show that 4.3 births and 1.8 deaths will happen globally every second, starting January 2015.