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UN study: 1 in 4 Men admit to rape in parts of Asia

Protest Against Rape

A recently released UN study found that one in 10 men across six Asian countries admitted to raping a woman other than a wife or girlfriend. The number rose to 24 percent men when wives and girlfriends were included.

The study was part of a UN report on violence against women and included the responses of more than 10,000 men in Bangladesh, China, Cambodia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Sri Lanka. According to the BBC, the survey respondents recorded answers on hand-held computers without the interviewer in the room to questions such as:

  • “Have you ever had sex with your partner when you knew she didn’t want to but you thought she should agree because she’s your wife/ partner?

  • “Have you ever had sex with a woman or girl when she was too drunk or drugged to say whether she wanted it or not?”

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