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Updated: Who to Follow on Twitter for the Latest on Syria

The father of 13-year-old Yahya Sweed talks with his son a day after he was released from the hospital after one of his legs was amputated following shelling by government forces in the town of Kfar Nubul, Syria. Photo by Daniel Leal-Olivas/ AFP/ Getty Images.

Deep uncertainty surrounding Syria hangs over President Barack Obama as he and his administration lobby to convince Congress to authorize use of military force against Bashar al-Assad’s regime.

As the nation waits to see how lawmakers will choose to proceed on Syria, here’s an updated list of trusted Twitter accounts you can follow for live #Syria updates. With news from journalists and foreign affairs correspondents to Human Rights Watch activists, this compilation of Twitter accounts is mainly focused on delivering up-to-date coverage of the ongoing conflicts in Syria.

News Organizations

  • @Now_Syria NOW Lebanon Staff
  • @syriadeeply Independent Digital Media project led by journalists/technologists
  • @SANA_English The Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) is the national official news agency of #Syria. It was established in 1965.


  • Lara Setrakian @lara Foreign Correspondent based in Dubai/Middle East
  • Jim Roberts @nycjim Executive Editor of Reuters Digital

  • Ayat Basma @AyatBasma: Reuters reporter/producer based in Beirut
  • Liz Sly @LizSly: Beirut bureau chief covering Syria, Lebanon, Iraq for The Washington Post
  • Alexander Marquardt @MarquardtA: ABC News Middle East Correspondent
  • Andrew Tabler @andrewtabler: Syria and Lebanon expert, senior fellow at the Washington Institute

  • Arwa Damon @arwaCNN: CNN Senior International Correspondent
  • Ben Hubbard @nytben: The New York Times Middle East correspondent
  • Cara Swift @cswift2: BBC Middle East Producer
  • Deb Amos @deborahamos: Covers the Middle East for NPR.
  • Lina Sinjab @BBCLinaSinjab: BBC correspondent in Syria.
  • Martin Chulov @martinchulov: Covering the Middle East for The Guardian.
  • Matthieu Aikins @mattaikins: Reports from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria and other places for magazines including Harper’s, the Atlantic, GQ and Wired.
  • Miriam Elder @MiriamElder: Foreign editor at BuzzFeed.

  • Paul Conroy @reflextv: Sunday Times photographer covering Syria.
  • Tracey Shelton @tracey_shelton Senior correspondent for The Global Post covering Syria, Libya and conflict zones throughout the Middle East.
  • Richard Colebourn @rcolebourn: BBC News Middle East bureau chief.
  • Sam Dagher @samdagher: Middle East correspondent for The Wall Street Journal. Covering Syria and Lebanon.

Analysts, Scholars and Activists

  • Ian Pannel @BBCiPannell: BBC correspondent.
  • Jad Bantha @JadBantha: Human rights researcher and social media expert reporting from inside Syria.
  • Fadi Salem @FadiSalem: From Aleppo, Syria. Author and director of Governance & Innovation at Dubai School of Government.
  • Malath Aumran @MalathAumran Syrian Activist
  • Joshua Landis @joshua_landis: Director of the Center for Middle East Studies and associate professor at the University of Oklahoma.

  • Ole Solvang @OleSolvang: Senior emergencies researcher at Human Rights Watch.
  • Steven Heydemann @sheydemann Special Advisor, Middle East Initiatives for the United States Institute of Peace.
  • Edward Dark @edwardedark Activist in Syria. Edward Dark is a pseudonym for the Syrian currently residing in Aleppo.

Also be sure to keep up with our Foreign Affairs team: @NewsHourWorld; Foreign editor Justin Kenny @JustinPKenny; deputy senior producer Dan Sagalyn @DanSagalyn; and reporter/producer P.J. Tobia @PJTobia.

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